Celebrating Fashion Excellence:


This year, more than $60,000 worth of scholarships – in the form of cash, experiences and/or products – will be awarded to students at Fashion Group International of Dallas (FGI)’s Scholarship Competition on Friday, April 12th, 2019. . In addition to the apparel design category competitions and merchandising competitions, FGI is proud to offer three amazing experiences this year. There will be two opportunities (one for Summer Semester and one for Fall Semester) to study at the Paris American Academy and an opportunity to be an intern with Patti Flowers, founder and owner of Patti Flowers Design Studio company in Dallas, TX.

From this point forward, the Scholarship Competition will challenge both students and faculty to submit ‘the best of the best.’ What does that mean? For faculty, it means endorsing only those garments and projects that most would consider ‘the best of the best,’ and, for students, it means entering only those garments and projects that fit the same description. FGI of Dallas will not limit the number of entries from a given school, but the organization hopes the entries received are truly a reflection of your students’ best work.

Note regarding FGI Career Day: In 2015, FGI of Dallas replaced Career Day with the Scholarship Competition for many reasons, including a mandate from the organization’s worldwide headquarters in New York City. Simply put, FGI is now almost exclusively focused on professionals working in the fashion industry, including apparel, accessories, beauty and home. In an effort to adhere to this mandate and still provide a means to support students, the Dallas Chapter created the Fashion Group Foundation of Dallas for the sole purpose of maintaining the ability to award student scholarships.  In fact, this is FGI of Dallas’ 51st Anniversary of awarding scholarships to outstanding college and university students in fashion design and merchandising curriculum.